Ph.D. Candidate in Economics Department of Economics, University of York, United Kingdom.

Contact and Information E-mail to Link to CV. Academic profiles in ORCID, RePEcGoogle Scholar. Econ tweets at @ThangDinhDang.

Research Fields Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Economic History, Applied Microeconometrics.


Does Compulsory Primary Schooling Raise Investments in the Human Capital of the Next Generation? Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen). [Available Upon Request]


Historical Meritocratic State, Culture, and Schooling Outcomes.

Upward Spillovers of Human Capital: Children’s Exposure to Compulsory Schooling and Old-age Parents’ Health and Well-being.


Intergenerational Earnings and Income Mobility in VietnamLABOUR (Forthcoming), 2019. [File]

Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Political Impacts of Education in VietnamEducation Economics 27(2): 207-221, 2019. [File]

Do the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity DesignInternational Journal of Health Economics and Management 18(3): 277-299, 2018. [File]

* These papers were written in the years prior to my Ph.D. study when I had learned how to do research in economics at the very basic level, and they were not improved during my Ph.D. years even published during the same period.