Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics, University of York, The United Kingdom

Research Fields  

Primary Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics

Secondary Fields: Economic History, Applied Micro-econometrics

Working Papers

Ancient Culture, Historical Meritocratic Institutions, and Modern-day Educational Success.

Does Compulsory Primary Schooling Raise Investments in the Human Capital of the Next Generation? Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen).


Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Customized Education Programs.

Pre-doctoral Papers 

Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Political Impacts of Education in Vietnam. Education Economics 27(2): 207-221, 2019. [pdf]

Intergenerational Earnings and Income Mobility in Vietnam. LABOUR (Forthcoming), 2019. [pdf]

Do the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity Design. International Journal of Health Economics and Management 18(3): 277-299, 2018. [pdf]

Human Resource Management Practices and Firm Outcomes: Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with T. T. Dung, V. T. Phuong, T. D. Vinh). Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies 25(2): 221-238, 2018. [pdf]

The Determinants of Self-medication: Evidence from Urban Vietnam (Joint with N. T. Hoai). Social Work in Health Care 56(4): 260-282, 2017. [pdf

Education as Protection? The Effects of Schooling on Non-wage Compensation in a Developing Country. 2017. [wp]

Bodyweight and Hypertension Risk in a Developing Country. 2017. [wp]

The Multiple Effects of Child Health Insurance in Vietnam. 2017. [wp]

The Causal Effect of Retirement on Health Services Utilization: Evidence from Urban Vietnam. 2017. [wp]