Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Department of Economics, University of York, United Kingdom

Research Fields  

Primary Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics

Secondary Fields: Economic History, Applied Microeconometrics

Research Interests: Intergenerational Spillovers of Human Capital, Parental Investments in Children’s Human Capital, Cultural and Historical Origins of Educational Success

Working Papers 

Does Compulsory Primary Schooling Raise Investments in the Human Capital of the Next Generation? Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen). [Manuscript Available Upon Request]

Abstract: We exploit a compulsory schooling reform in Vietnam to investigate intergenerational spillover effects of parents’ exposure to stricter compulsory schooling laws on investments in their children’s human capital. Parental exposure to compulsory schooling increases educational expenditures and children’s school enrollment, while also reducing child labor. These effects are larger for maternal exposure than for paternal exposure, and for investments in sons than for those in daughters. Channels for these effects include higher levels of parental education and skills, improved household resources, reduced fertility, and higher martial partner quality.


Historical Meritocratic State, Culture, and Schooling Outcomes.

Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Customized Education Programs.

Pre-doctoral Papers 

Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Political Impacts of Education in VietnamEducation Economics 27(2): 207-221, 2019. [pdf]

Intergenerational Earnings and Income Mobility in VietnamLABOUR (Forthcoming), 2019. [pdf]

Do the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity DesignInternational Journal of Health Economics and Management 18(3): 277-299, 2018. [pdf]

Human Resource Management Practices and Firm Outcomes: Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with T.T. Dung, V.T. Phuong, T.D. Vinh). Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies 25(2): 221-238, 2018. [pdf]

The Determinants of Self-medication: Evidence from Urban Vietnam (Joint with N.T. Hoai). Social Work in Health Care 56(4): 260-282, 2017. [pdf]

Education as Protection? The Effects of Schooling on Non-wage Compensation in a Developing Country. Working Paper, 2017. 

Bodyweight and Hypertension Risk in a Developing Country. Working Paper, 2017. 

The Multiple Effects of Child Health Insurance in Vietnam. Working Paper, 2017. 

The Causal Effect of Retirement on Health Services Utilization: Evidence from Urban Vietnam. Working Paper, 2017.