Ph.D. Candidate in Economics Department of Economics, University of York, United Kingdom.

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Research Fields Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Economic History, Applied Microeconometrics.

Research Papers

Historical Meritocratic State, Culture, and Schooling Outcomes (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen). [Work-in-Progress]

Upward Spillovers of Human Capital: Children’s Increased Schooling and Old-age Parents’ Health and Wellbeing (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen). [Work-in-Progress]

Does Compulsory Schooling Raise Investments in the Human Capital of the Next Generation? Evidence from Vietnam (Joint with Thomas Cornelissen). Working Paper. [Available upon request]

Intergenerational Earnings and Income Mobility in Vietnam [Predoctoral Research]Forthcoming at LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Political Impacts of Education in Vietnam [Predoctoral Research]. Education Economics 27(2): 207-221, 2019. [File]

Do the More Educated Utilize More Health Care Services? Evidence from Vietnam Using a Regression Discontinuity Design [Predoctoral Research]. International Journal of Health Economics and Management 18(3): 277-299, 2018. [File]